Read it Forward Jax Coalition


Read it Forward Jax Coalition


Read it Forward Jax Coalition


Read It Forward Jax Coalition



Who We Are

Read It Forward Jax Coalition was formed to promote a culture of reading in Jacksonville, engage the community around literacy, and align local partners and resources to maximize the reading proficiency of Duval County’s children. With members from over 30 leading community organizations, including Duval County Public Schools, RIFJC represents an unprecedented collaboration aimed at helping our children and our city reach full potential.

What We Believe

RIFJC is based on the belief that every child deserves the opportunity to succeed and become a fully participating member of society. Our work is informed by an enormous body of evidence that links reading proficiency with academic success, high school graduation and increased earning power – and reading deficits with academic failure, high dropout rates, criminal behavior, incarceration and dependency.

Our Goal

The goal of the Read It Forward Jax Coalition is to ensure that all of Jacksonville’s children can not only read, write, and speak at grade level or beyond, but also enjoy the benefits of literacy and educational enrichment for the rest of their lives. To learn more about our group and our goals, read about us and see a message from our chairman.

of U.S. adults with the lowest literacy rates live in poverty*
of juveniles in detention are functionally illiterate*
of prison inmates can’t read above a fourth grade level*
Students who can't read by 3rd grade are 4 times more likely to drop out of high school*

*Source citations may be found here.

A Message from our Chairman  Read More