RIFJC - Read It Forward Jax Coalition

Read It Forward Jax Coalition is a 501(c)(3) organization formed to promote literacy and reading in Jacksonville. By helping to coordinate and focus community-wide efforts, RIFJC is working to ensure that all of Jacksonville’s children can read, write and speak at grade level or beyond – and enjoy the benefits of literacy and educational enrichment for the rest of their lives.

RIFJC seeks to raise awareness of literacy’s vital importance and engage the community – including business, higher education, nonprofits, media, thought leaders and faith-based organizations – to financially and strategically support literacy and reading. The Coalition operates in close collaboration with Duval County Public Schools to further the Read It Forward Jax literacy initiative and facilitate alignment with private and public resources.

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In collaboration with Duval Schools, RIFJC advocates for and supports: 

  • Early learning and pre-literacy through quality VPK
  • Professional development for all PreK-3 teachers, focused on effective literacy assessment and teaching
  • Alignment of VPK-3 education with the Florida Standards
  • Afterschool learning and enrichment for all children
  • Take-home reading libraries of appealing, grade-appropriate books in every K-3 classroom to encourage not just learning, but reading for pleasure and entertainment

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

Joseph Addison